Jay Duplass

The Chair Review

New Netflix comedy, The Chair, deals with the trials and tribulations of an English department chair and serves as a long-deserved showcase for Sandra Oh.

Transparent Season Three Review

In season three of Transparent, nuanced notes of class, race, sex, gender, and religion come bursting forth with an unmistakable roar.

The Overnight Review

Once gain the Duplass brothers have brought us something original and fresh. The Overnight might not be the biggest movie of the summer, but it's easily the funniest thus far.

Black Rock Review

Made by people not generally associated with making intense psychological thrillers, Black Rock stands out as a true hidden gem this weekend. A progressive and bone chilling survival drama with a trio of strong female leads, actress and director Katie Aselton teams with frequent collaborator and screenwriter Mark Duplass (Cyrus, Jeff, Who Lives at Home) for a lean and mean revenge flick that stays true to the mumblecore duo’s roots while delivering the genre goods.

This Week in DVD: 6/19/12

This week on video store shelves, Phil Brown stays home with Jeff, Who Lives at Home before developing Wanderlust, while heads out west to deal with zombies in Exit Humanity and Christian Slater in Dawn Rider before returning home to wreck the place with Project X Also, a few words about the now cancelled Canadian cult series Being Erica and the intriguing family documentary My Reincarnation.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home Review

We've all known people like the titular character of the Jay and Mark Duplass' Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Nice guys who mean well, but for whatever reason are going nowhere fast. The film suffers from a few of the same maladies that afflict its main character. At times the film feels like an aimless collection of circumstances and encounters because, well, it is precisely that. It's a meandering tale that doesn't really accomplish much in the telling.