Jeremy Irons

The Lion King Blu-ray Review

Disney's The Lion King is a 2D animation masterpiece and remains an extraordinary achievement for the company. Does the latest Blu-ray release of the film deserve a spot on your Dork Shelf?

High-Rise Review

A self-contained, ultra-modern apartment building slowly descends into complete anarchy in High-Rise, an utterly bonkers adaptation that's certainly not for everyone, but is it for anyone?

Beautiful Creatures Review

Beautiful Creatures positions itself as the next potential post-Harry Pottery literary franchise, but while it's entertaining enough, it never quite convinces us that it necessarily needs or deserves a follow-up.

This Week in DVD: 1/8/13

As we dig out from piles of new releases from before and after the holiday season, we take looks at the home video releases for Looper, Frankenweenie, Cosmopolis, Dredd, Pitch Perfect, Compliance, The Words, Hit and Run, and season one of Anger Management

The Words Review

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the worst of movies... it was the worst of movies.