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Home Entertainment Review: Filth

Filth (Jon S. Baird, 2014) – It’s possible that Irvine Welsh’s novel Filth might have been unfilmable, but that certainly didn’t stop writer and director Jon S. Baird from trying. It’s an admirable attempt to encapsulate a decent into abject madness and abasement at the hands of one of Welsh’s most memorably misanthropic creations, if it’s not […]

Filth Review

Despite some good moments and an exceptional high wire performance from James McAvoy in the lead, the Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth is too scattershot to succeed.

Le Week-End Review

The British domestic drama Le Week-End delivers a bitter, and sometimes uncomfortably naturalistic look at an inexplicably enduring marriage on the rocks. Yet it’s the bitterness contained within the film’s two leading performances and director Roger Michell’s love of small, quiet moments over grandstanding arguments that make for great adult oriented entertainment.

Closed Circuit Review

Short on enthusiasm and originality, the legal thriller Closed Circuit wastes a talented cast, writer, and director on something that's been done to death. The film isn't merely ill conceived. It feels like it was cloned in a lab.

Cloud Atlas Review

It's admirable that a film as ambitious as Cloud Atlas can get made at all, but sadly, ambition is all this messy adaptation really has going in its favour.

The Iron Lady Review

Sometimes a movie that deserves a spot on a critic’s ten worst films list ends up being excluded because of a technicality. The beetle-headed Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady should almost dead to rights be quite high up on the list of 2011's cinematic atrocities, but thanks to limited Oscar qualifying runs in New York and Los Angeles at the end of the year I felt it wrong to talk about the film in too much depth before its proper wide release. It wasn’t embargoed at all, but I felt it was still too early. That time for charity is over. This movie’s an outright trainwreck with a central performance that isn’t half as good as the work that Meryl Streep has shown in the past.