John Cleese

Home Entertainment Review: Time Bandits

Time Bandits (Terry Gilliam, 1981) – Possible genius and confirmed madman Terry Gilliam is one of the most fascinating directors of his generation. Yet, he’s also a guy far too silly to be taken particularly seriously and way too twisted to be commercial. He’s a perennial cult filmmaker, which is probably appropriate given his time […]

Monty Python Live (Mostly) Review

The swan song for one of the world's most beloved comedic troupes - Monty Python Live (Mostly) might lean too heavily on musical numbers, but it still gives the audience mostly what they want one final time.

Planes Review

Good news: Cars 2 is still the worst Pixar movie. That's because the spin off Planes only comes out under the Disney name. Unfortunately it's so unbelievably bad that it's not only the worst animated film the studio has ever produced, but maybe also the worst film to ever feature aircraft in prominent roles.

The Croods Review

Far from the “Ice Age with humans” pitch made by the film’s ad campaign, The Croods is an exceptional family adventure that rises above a plot cribbed from countless Disney films to create something special. It’s a funny, vibrant, and surprisingly thoughtful and sincere effort from the makers of the equally great How to Train Your Dragon with action scenes as good as anything that wowed audiences in Rango.