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Home Entertainment Review: Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa .5

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa .5 (Jeff Tremaine, 2014) – Part of the bizarre tradition of Jackass feature film releases is that every movie gets a DVD loaded with deleted sequences as well as a second .5 release of additional deleted sequences cut together into a second feature film. You could easily write this process off […]

Blu-Ray Round-Up: 2/10/14

We FINALLY start digging ourselves out of the backlog of DVDs and Blu-Rays we received over the past month with the first of two special home entertainment columns this week. Today we look at the hilarious Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, the intense Captain Phillips, the Adam Scott comedy A.C.O.D., Kuosawa's classic Throne of Blood on Criterion, and Dylan McDermott trapped in a Freezer.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Review

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa mixes classic Johnny Knoxville styled humour with old fashioned on-camera pranking and a healthy dose of good natured silliness.

Movie 43 Review

Earlier today our head film critic had his faith in movies nearly destroyed by Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters, tonight our other main film writer suffers the same nervous breakdown inducing fate fate at the hands of the already infamous Movie 43.

The Last Stand Review

It's gleefully over the top, but The Last Stand easily stacks up nicely side by side with Arnold Schwarzenegger's best work, marking a true return to form for the long missing action hero.


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