Joss Whedon

Justice League Review

Justice League is full of iconic characters teaming up to do battle against the forces of evil, and yet it doesn't feel nearly as epic or consequential as it should.

Films in Brief: 1/31/14

Since mainstream new releases seem to have us singing the blues, here are a few neat classical and nostalgic options, with Cineplex continuing their annual Great Digital Film Festival and the TIFF Bell Lightbox showcasing the works of Paul Verhoeven and the unsung, pioneering African American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux.

What to Read Before Marvel Phase Two

We’ve got four more Marvel flicks to look forward to between now and 2015. To make the wait a little less unbearable, why not spend some time getting familiar with the source material? Here’s what you need to read to prepare yourself for the rest of Marvel’s Phase Two films!

Dream Casting: The Runaways Movie

With all the news coming out of SDCC about Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 films, we can’t help but think about a long-shelved Marvel project that’s near-and-dear to our hearts: The Runaways. Here's our dream casting!

Much Ado About Nothing Review

Sweet, small, goofy, and surprisingly accessible, Joss Whedon's low-fi version of Much Ado About Nothing probably ranks as one of the most breezily entertaining Shakespeare adaptation ever splattered all over a big screen.

Interview: Alexis Denisof

We talk with actor Alexis Denisof about re-teaming with Joss Whedon for the low-key Shakespearean adaptation Much Ado About Nothing, getting back to his acting roots, and how the on set friendship of everyone involved informed the characters.