The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #5 – Sam Maggs

Welcome to episode #5 of The Roundup with Elena & Meg!

In this episode we invite special friend and co-host Sam Maggs to fangirl over hot dudes and superheroes with us! In film we discuss the many trailer reveals at San Diego Comic Con, including Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. In TV we grumble about Steven Moffat and Supernatural, but we don’t grumble about the Emmys… much. In comics we are super stoked about the results of the 2015 Eisner awards and Joss Whedon’s upcoming comic, Twist. In gaming we fangirl about Jeff Goldblum in CoD: Black Ops III, and Sam regales us with news of the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition expansion.

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Film: 8:53
TV: 33:54
Comics: 47:54
Games: 51:40


Sexy Iron Bull

Batman v Superman SDCC trailer:

Suicide Squad SDCC trailer


Deadpool SDCC trailer

Fantastic Four SDCC trailer

Steven Moffat is a bit of a jerk

Female Doctor Who not happening


Supernatural writer got dissed at SDCC about fridging women

Emmy award nominations

Eisner winners

Joss Whedon’s new comic book


Jeff Goldblum in Call of Duty

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Expansion