Kate Bosworth

Still Alice Review

Outside of Julianne Moore's powerhouse performance, there's not much to talk about with the well meaning and mostly decent Alzheimer's drama Still Alice.

Homefront Review

While perfectly capable of being enjoyable on a brainless action movie level, Jason Statham’s latest badass extravaganza Homefront also comes with a surprising amount of depth and nuance for those willing to look beyond the bone crunching fights and backwoods cat and mouse games.

Black Rock Review

Made by people not generally associated with making intense psychological thrillers, Black Rock stands out as a true hidden gem this weekend. A progressive and bone chilling survival drama with a trio of strong female leads, actress and director Katie Aselton teams with frequent collaborator and screenwriter Mark Duplass (Cyrus, Jeff, Who Lives at Home) for a lean and mean revenge flick that stays true to the mumblecore duo’s roots while delivering the genre goods.

Movie 43 Review

Earlier today our head film critic had his faith in movies nearly destroyed by Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters, tonight our other main film writer suffers the same nervous breakdown inducing fate fate at the hands of the already infamous Movie 43.