Kathryn Hahn

Transparent Season Three Review

In season three of Transparent, nuanced notes of class, race, sex, gender, and religion come bursting forth with an unmistakable roar.

The Visit Blu-ray Review

Fallen golden boy M. Night Shyamalan begins to make his way back into audience's good graces with The Visit, but falls back down a little when you hear him talk about it.

Bad Words Review

Jason Bateman's directorial debut Bad Words is a complete draw; as much of a missed opportunity as a win. Despite some very funny foul mouthed comedy, the uneasy direction of the film's central plot drags everything down around it. It's consistently funny, but it's a one-note premise that loses steam very fast.

TIFF 2013: Bad Words Review

Bad Words Special Presentation Director: Jason Bateman If Bad Words came out 15 years ago and starred Bill Murray, it probably would have been a massive hit. Released today starring (and weirdly, directed by) Jason Bateman, it’ll be a mid-level comedy release probably targeted at a niche market. That’s a bit of a shame since […]

We’re the Millers Review

It's not a great comedy, nor an awful one, but We're the Millers does feel like a throwback to some of the more innocuous Hard-R rated comedies of the 1980s in some pretty decent ways.