Katrina Bowden

Piranha 3DD Review

Dull, unfunny, unscary, and nowhere near as fun or campy as any of the films to bear the name of the famed man eating fish Piranha 3DD stinks on almost every conceivable level like pure desperation and boredom.

American Reunion Review

Only sporadically funny, but mostly dull and surprisingly insincere given the three previous films, American Reunion fails to reignite a concept that already seemed to have a very logical conclusion. This pie is pretty stale.

Sitges 2010
Tucker & Dale vs Evil Review

About 15 minutes into Tucker & Dale, you will think to yourself: why did no one have this brilliant idea before? Maybe if they did, it would not the work of horror comedy genius that this film is. While initially worried that I saw all the best jokes in the trailer, I was amazed at how Craig and Jurgenson kept the entire film fresh and brilliantly funny.