Marc Andre Grondin

TIFF 2014: Tu Dors Nicole Review

Tu Dors Nicole Contemporary World Cinema Believe it or not, sometimes something as simple as the ennui of a hot lazy summer in the suburban rural landscape can be a touch too understated to genuinely work.  Tu Dors Nicole is a stylishly interesting, but unarratively dull affair that leaves too much unsaid with too characters […]

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear Review

Although the ending feels suspiciously forced, Quebecois auteur Denis Cote's Vic + Flo Saw a Bear boasts rich characters, great humor, well done suspense, excellent performances, and a hyper-realistic sense of emotion and setting

Goon Review

Calling Goon this generation's Slap Shot would be an understatement. Aside from the obvious surface comparisons to the George Roy Hill/Paul Newman classic about a minor league hockey team going nowhere, director Michael Dowse (Fubar) and co-writer/co-star Jay Baruchel have created a film that outdoes what many hail as the greatest hockey comedy ever made.

Interview: Marc-Andre Grondin

The charming and candid Marc-André Grondin talked to Dork Shelf about the upcoming hockey comedy Goon and what it’s like to play someone so irredeemable as his character, how to dress like a douche for the camera, and how challenging it can be to make a French Canadian character funny without turning it into a stereotype.