Monsters, Inc. 3D

Monsters, Inc. solidified the Pixar formula and proved that clever, emotionally rich, and technically stunning work could be produced by the CGI dream team at will. Now that the film is (get ready to feel old) 11-years old and sliding back out into theaters in 3D, it’s clear just how special of a family flick it was. The movie remains just as funny and warm as ever, with a rather ingenious central concept strong enough to make the upcoming sequel something to look forward to.

TADFF 2011: Monster Brawl Review

It isn’t uncommon to see movies at the After Dark Film Festival where you can tell others that the plot can be excused. Monster Brawl, which aspires to be a mirror image of a televised WWE special, replaces the scary looking beefcakes with scary looking monsters.The film seems to have a better idea of what it wanted to be rather than how to really accomplish that. “The story didn’t matter” is a common thing to overhear at these events, but I gotta hand it to you, Monster Brawl, “I’m not really sure that was a movie” is a new one.

The Cast of Being Human

We caught up with the cast of SPACE and SyFy's new supernatural dramedy Being Human this afternoon in Toronto. The series is adapted from a BBC3 show of the same name about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who share a flat. We joined Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Sam Witwer to talk about the show, their schools of vampirism, lycanthropy and poltergeisting, shooting the show in Montreal, and what they have on their dork shelves.

Being Human Preview

So a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a bar... No, that's not the beginning of a lame dad joke, that's the premise of SPACE's supernatural dramedy Being Human. Okay, more like a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost move into a house together and hilarity/shenanigans/brutal killings ensue.

TIFF 2010
Monsters Review

Horror and science fiction genres have long been used as metaphors for problems and issues of the real. Our fear of the dark, our concerns over long wars, issues of poverty and strife, and our possible demise can be explored in many ways more readily through genre film. With that in mind, science fiction films […]