National Gallery

The Rest of 2014 at The Bloor

With only two new releases for the rest of the year (Advance Style and National Gallery, both of which are good), we look at all the remaining events at The Bloor in 2014.

TIFF 2014: National Gallery Review

National Gallery TIFF Docs Masterful documentarian Frederick Wiseman turns his ever watchful and unwavering eye to the inner workings of London’s National Gallery for one of the finest films of his illustrious career. As is usually with Wiseman’s film, there’s a point to be made and not necessarily a formal plot or any interaction with […]

Exhibition: Vermeer and Music Review

This special Cineplex look at the works of Johannes Vermeer from a recent exhibition at the National Gallery in London should give curious, expert, or neophyte art aficionados a reasonably in-depth look into one of the world’s still most mysterious and elusive painters.