Richard Harmon

Blood in the Snow 2013: Evangeline Review

Evangeline (Opening Night Film) A mishmash of halfbaked genre elements cribbed from other far better films and filmmakers and an almost inscrutable story, Karen Lam’s Evangeline is an unfortunate mess that never comes together and sets some genuinely good performances hopelessly adrift. Kat de Lieva stars as the titular protagonist, a shy young student just […]

Rufus Review

The Canadian vampire black comedy Rufus is a couple of rewrites away from something that could have been great. Instead it comes packaged with one of the sleaziest and slut-shaming love triangle subplots in recent memory that's totally unnecessary even from a plotting standpoint.

Grave Encounters 2 Review

This follow up to the cult hit found footage flick Grave Encounters can't properly balance scares and self-reflexive cleverness. It starts of clever, but not even remotely scary. It ends with some (not so scary) frights that are just the same old, same old.