Sophie Desmarais

The Best TIFF Canada’s Top 10 Yet

Think 2013 was a weak year for Canadian cinema? Think again because most of the best work from this past year is merely being sat on for release this year. Our Film Editor looks at this year's TIFF Canada's Top Ten (kicking off this weekend) and the finest line-up of Canada's best to date.

TIFF 2013: Sarah Prefers to Run Review

Sarah Prefers to Run Discovery Director: Chloe Robichaud The feature length debut from Robichaud is nothing short of a revelation for both her and her star Sophie Desmarais. It’s the rare kind of coming of age story that captures the first year of university and everything leading up to it as a scarring sort of […]

TIFF 2013: Le Demantelement Review

Le Demantelement Contemporary World Cinema Director: Sebastien Pilote A subdued Quebacois drama divided into two parts, the second film from Pilote (The Salesman) follows a 53 year old, long since divorced farmer (an excellent Gabriel Arcand) coming to terms with having to leave his family’s profession behind to help his eldest daughter (Lucie Laurier) get […]

CineFranco 2012 Preview

We take a look at this years' Toronto-based French language film festival, happening at the Lightbox from March 23rd to April 1st.