TIFF 2013: Le Demantelement Review

Le Demantelment

Le Demantelement

Contemporary World Cinema

Director: Sebastien Pilote

A subdued Quebacois drama divided into two parts, the second film from Pilote (The Salesman) follows a 53 year old, long since divorced farmer (an excellent Gabriel Arcand) coming to terms with having to leave his family’s profession behind to help his eldest daughter (Lucie Laurier) get out from under a financially crippling divorce.


Focusing first on the man’s desire to help his closer, but more selfish daughter before shifting to him reconnecting with his more distant, but warmer youngest (the always radiant Sophie Desmarais, also the star of Sarah Prefers to Run and one of this year’s TIFF Rising Stars), the film’s first half is almost too much of a slow burn for its own good; getting bogged down in minutiae before really getting to the point. The second half, however, packs a much more satisfying and melancholy emotional punch thanks to Arcand and Desmarais. It’s nothing that trimming a bit off the first section couldn’t fix, and still a worthy effort on the whole. (Andrew Parker)


Wednesday, September 11th, 6:45pm, Scotiabank 13

Thursday, September 12th, 3:45pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 3


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