Steven Soderbergh

Logan Lucky Review

Steven Soderbergh's retirement be damned, Logan Lucky is a hillbilly heist flick with heart and brains.

Contest: See Logan Lucky in Select Cities

Logan Lucky opens across Canada August 18th but you and a guest can attend an early screening in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Victoria or Halifax courtesy of Dork Shelf and eOne Films!

The Graduate Criterion Blu-ray Review

The Graduate is on Criterion for the first time since the days of laserdisc. The new Blu-ray ports over some old extras while adding some stellar new ones, you're going to want to make room on your shelf for this one.

The Knick Episode 2.9 Recap

“Do You Remember Moon Beam?” features how patricidal tendencies shuffle many fathers from their mortal coil, how donkeys have significant metaphorical importance, and how many journeys begin, if only to come to a certain end.

The Knick Episode 2.8 Recap

“Not Well At All” doesn't show drop of blood, but leaves most of its characters utterly destroyed spiritually, morally, and literally.

The Knick Episode 2.6 Recap

Doctor Cotton returns, Bertie undergoes a transformation and Thackery tries to invent hypnotherapy in an episode that explores the importance of process.