TIFF 2023: Shayda Review

Shayda is a bold statement about a woman coming into her own despite her situation. Writer/director Noora Niasari creates a film of unnerving anxiety and rising pressure. One becomes immersed in the validity of this character’s existence.

TIFF 2023: Limbo Review

The film is a slow burn but when it ramps up the reveals are remarkable: a maze of complicated emotions which this filmmaker conceals within a simple premise and a stark visual style.

TIFF 2023: Solo Review

Winner of Best Canadian Feature at TIFF, Solo beautifully captures what it means to define yourself on your own terms.

TIFF 2023: His Three Daughters Review

His Three Daughters proves that all you need to create something unforgettable is a grounded story that touches people and incredible talent to bring it to life.