Tom Felton

Some Other Woman Review: Who Is She?

If you’re in the mood for a light psychological thriller, Some Other Woman is a satisfactory thriller that has a few tricks up its sleeve that may catch you off guard.

Belle Review

Although at times it feels like Amma Asante’s Belle is unwisely trying to be a Jane Austen period romance that never quite takes off, the film’s true to life trappings and some exceptional performances and wit save the film from ever becoming something it shouldn’t be.

The Apparition Review

A film with a plot so convoluted it has to be explained to the audience at least five times and a scare count so low that the poster actually gives away the final moment of the film because no other image was strong enough to sell the film, there's nothing positive to say about The Apparition other than the fact that it’s less than 80 minutes long and even then you can expect the longest 80 minutes of your life. It should be avoided by anyone other than insomniacs in search of an alternative to sleeping pills.