Waad Mohammed

Home Entertainment Round-Up: 3/9/14

As we dig out from under the pile of Blu-Ray and DVD releases that have come into the office this month, we take a look at Criterion editions of Soderbergh's underrated King of the Hill and Truffaut's Jules and Jim, Blu-rays for Thor: The Dark World, Nebraska, Wadjda, and Blue is the Warmest Color, and a DVD of the found footage thriller Banshee Chapter.

Wadjda Review

It’s so rare to come across a film that’s genuinely important. Wadjda is one such film. In fact, it’s a film that manages to be important simply by existing at all. Haifaa al-Mansour’s film about a young girl who desperately wants to buy a bicycle is the first ever to be shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. What’s more, it’s a film addressing womanhood in Saudi society, directed by a woman.