Thor Comic Con Trailer

The much talked about trailer for Thor that Marvel screened for fans at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend has unsurprisngly found its way online. The Kenneth Branagh directed film stars Chris Hemsworth as the titular Norse god of thunder, Anthony Hopkins as his father, Odin, and Natalie Portman as his love interest, Jane Foster.

The trailer isn’t the best quality, but I’m beginning to understand why people at Comic Con were so jazzed by it. The costumes, which looked a little stiff in stills, look fantastic in action. Branagh has given the film a sense of scale and grandeur that I really wasn’t expecting. The general consensus amongst fans now seems to be that Thor might actually be pretty good.

This link probably won’t be online for long, but the cat is out of the bag and we’ll repost it if it goes down.

Thor is scheduled for a May 6th 2011 release.


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