TIFF 2013: La ultima pelicula Review

La Ultima Pelicula

La última película


Directors: Mark Peranson, Raya Martin

In what might be one of the best, highbrow cinematic “X-amount of people walk into a bar” jokes ever crafted, Cinema Scope founder and writer Mark Peranson and Filipino filmmaker Raya Martin enlist the acting services of Mexican actor and frequent Nicolas Pereda collaborator Gabino Rodriguez and American director Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) to deliver a punchline not only about people bemoaning the “death of cinema,” but to also speak about the ego that it takes to make a film in the first place.


Perry plays a director obsessed with shooting and developing the last roll of 35mm film while shooting footage of the impending 2012 apocalypse in Teotihuacán. Martin plays his trusty, but incredibly sceptical guide. They also play themselves trying to piece together the film they’re actually making. The lines and distinctions often blur, but Perry and Rodriguez are consistently funny to watch. It’s also a credit to Peranson and Martin that they’re constantly taking the piss out of their own endeavour, constantly criticizing themselves for laughing at their own jokes.  It’s most assuredly made to be in the avant-garde Wavelengths programme, but for those on the films… um… wavelength, there’s quite a bit of fun to be had. (Andrew Parker)


Tuesday, September 10th, Jackman Hall (AGO), 9:30pm

Thursday, September 12th, TIFF Bell Lightbox 4, 5:00pm


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