TIFF 2013: The Devil’s Knot Review

The Devil's Knot

The Devil’s Knot

Special Presentation

Director: Atom Egoyan

Egoyan takes on the mishandling and traumatic feelings behind the infamous West Memphis Three trial in this fictionalized courtroom dramatization of the events that comes in the wake of four separate theatrically released documentaries on the issue and countless TV takes.

While there’s absolutely nothing new to be added to the story and it works best for those who go in completely cold and without knowledge of the case, it’s still a fine film. It’s easy to see why Egoyan – who brings the same sense of grief to the proceedings here that his films have become known for – would want to take on such an assignment.

It’s a solid procedural and trial flick with great performances from Colin Firth (as the outside investigator digging up information for the defence) and Bruce Greenwood  (as the judge), but the personal take on the case through the eyes of one of the three dead boy’s mothers (Reese Witherspoon) could have been beefed up with a lot of the dry, almost regurgitated facts being cut back. It’s an undeniably solid piece of work, but it’s not exactly significant of anything.


Sunday, September 8th, Visa Screening Room (Elgin), 9:00pm


Monday, September 9th, TIFF Bell Lightbox 1, 9:00am