TIFF 2013: Asphalt Watches Review

Asphalt Watches

Asphalt Watches


Directors: Shayne Ehman, Seth Scriver

An animated head trip full of laugh out loud offbeat and surrealist comedy, this one defies any sort of expectations or categorizations. It’s assuredly not to everyone’s taste, but those clued into the Adult Swim kind of mentality will get behind it immediately.

Loosely based on a road trip the two directors took starting in Chiliwack in 2000, Sketeton Hat (voiced by Scriver) and the floating cloud looking dude with a tophat, Bucktooth (Ehman) hitch their way across the country with sometimes frightening and often hilarious results.

It’s lovingly low-fi flash animation and anarchistic comedic sensibilities make for an amusing ride. It’s the kind of film where crazy dudes who think they’re Santa will talk about the awesomeness of Wendy’s hamburgers, the dudes go to atrocious live band karaoke nights, families curse them out despite still picking them up, and random trippy songs are sung about everything from boiled hot dogs to direct deposit to kippers to Boston Pizza to… well, you get the idea. It’s hilarious and has all the makings of a cult sensation to those on the same wavelength. (Andrew Parker)


Tuesday, September 10th, Scotiabank 8, 9:45pm

Thursday, September 12th, Scotiabank 13, 8:45pm

Friday, September 13th, Scotiabank 4, 2:15pm