TIFF 2013: The Station Review

The Station

The Station

Midnight Madness

Director: Marvin Kren

A creature feature in the spirit of The Thing, The Station manages to do a few things exceptionally well while dropping the ball in other areas. 

The crew of a remote weather station in the German Alps finds a glacier with a retreating ice layer that unleashes a mysterious organism. It’s turning the local wildlife into some horrible biological oddities with a insatiable thirst for blood.

Kren shoots the hell out of this film. The countryside and scenic mountain vistas are damn near breathtaking.  Along with the very solid creature work and an effort to show as little as humanly possible kept the tension up the film and strong narrative move at a decent clip.  However, there are a fair bit of moments where the dialogue is, at best, corny and characters are placed in laughable situations even for a creature feature.

Gerhard Liebmann is great as the hero, Janek, and the entire ensemble filled their stock roles just fine.  The script doesn’t push any boundaries and while some of the dialogue and situations are a little far-fetched, it still does the job that it was supposed to. It’s a well executed creature feature that could have been pretty epic with some adjustments. (Dave Voigt)


Sunday September 8th at the Scotiabank Theatre at 2:15PM

Friday September 13th at the Scotiabank Theatre at 9:15PM

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