TIFF 2014: Men Who Save the World Review

Men Who Save the World 

Contemporary World Cinema

Vibrant and funny, Men Who Save the World could just be a story about a village trying to move a house, but its layers of dry wit, superstition and mistaken identity make for a great ride.

Pak Awang (Wan Hanafi Su) wants to move an abandoned house from the jungle into the village and fix it up for his daughter as a wedding present. But when Solomon (Khalid Mboyelwa Hussein) flees the city and uses the house as a hideout, Pak’s neighbours think the house is possessed by a demon and go to more and more ridiculous lengths to get rid of the unseen spirit. Pak can only watch their antics in disbelief for so long before taking matters into his own hands.

Men Who Save the World

Beautifully shot, Men Who Save the World is full of bright colours and lively performances. What could be some very silly antics take on depth through director Liew Sang Tat’s deft hand, which brings a warm and caring approach to the characters and their beliefs. It’s ultimately a very sweet and fun comedy about what can bring a community together or drive it apart. (Jenna Hossack)


Tuesday, September 9th, 9:45 PM, Scotiabank Theatre 14

Thursday, September 11th, 7:15 PM, Isabel Bader Theatre

Saturday, September 13th, 3:15 PM, Scotiabank Theatre 14

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