TIFF 2014: Preggoland Review


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A charmingly foulmouthed, bad taste comedy that can do for faking a pregnancy what Bridesmaids did for bachelorette parties, the latest film from Canadian filmmaker Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky, Good Neighbours) benefits from a stellar script and a star making performance from writer and lead Sonja Bennett.

Ruth (Bennett) is in her mid-30s, but lives every night like she’s still in her early 20s, right down to her affinity for all things 90s. She lives in her father’s basement and unambitiously works at the local grocery store. Her closest friends have all gotten sick of her shit and have families now, so they feel content kicking Ruth out of their lives. A hilarious series of events and misunderstandings lead some around her to believe she’s pregnant, a lie that she runs with for as long as she can get away with it since it’s the only time she has ever really felt wanted.


Ruth isn’t a particularly likable person, but in Bennett and Tierney’s skillful hands the film rightfully becomes about someone gradually learning how much of an asshole they are. Bennett’s comedic timing and sharp writing are not only great for her, but also for the stacked supporting cast, including Laura Harris as an uppity acquaintance, James Caan as her loving pop, Paul Campbell as her boss and potential love interest, and Lisa Durupt as her jealous sister.

But the real ace in the hole is a career best performance from none other than Danny Trejo, as a former doctor turned lazy janitor who agrees to keep Ruth’s secret if she helps him keep his job. He’s shockingly good at this kind of comedy and this will make you hope he gets more roles like this one. (Andrew Parker)


Friday, September 5th, 9:15pm, Isabel Bader Theatre

Monday, September 8th, 3:30pm, Scotiabank 3

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