TIFF 2014: The Price We Pay Review

The Price We Pay


Ever wanted to know how tax shelters and offshore banking works and why you as an average jane or joe could never have enough money to use them? That’s what’s being explored in the latest documentary from Harold Crooks, the man behind The Corporation and one half of the directing team that made 2011’s TIFF doc Surviving Progress.

The history of the Bank of England’s template of using fragments of their empire to create unregulated banking gets things started before talking about how corporations can circumnavigate “regulatory fractures” to make the patently illegal look legal.


One might think that such corporate malfeasance is a recent construct, but Crooks does a fine (if visually uninspiring) job of showcasing the history of hopelessly broken tax structures around the world, and those who stand to gain (the corporations) and lose (everyone else) from such labyrinthine and unnecessarily protection for the wealthy. It’s a difficult topic to get a handle on, but Crooks boils it down to its essence and places his narrative in an easy to follow structure. (Andrew Parker)


Friday, September 5th, 5:00pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

Sunday, September 7th, 9:30am, Jackman Hall AGO



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