Transform and Rock Out: The Cybertronic Spree at The Bloor

Look, the Transformers franchise has had its share of ups and downs. In the past decade alone we’ve seen revoltingly offensive yet lucrative films, a genuinely brilliant renaissance in the comics published by IDW, and everything in between.

But for some guys and girls who have conscious memories of the 1980s, it all began and ended with the animated series: The Transformers.

A celebration of Generation 1 unlike any other is set to take place this weekend at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, with a viewing of the classic 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie and a performance by the band that’s more than meets the eye, The Cybertronic Spree.

Originally formed at Nerd Noise Night 2013, a group of serious metal heads perform music inspired by or adapted from The Transformers’ musical canon, dressed in exceptionally elaborate costumes of the main characters from the ’86 classic.


“As far as I know, this has never been done before,” says Hot Rod* about the Bloor Hot Docs tandem presentation. “And I should know, dammit. I’m in the band and have an impeccable memory.”

Check out their performance from Nerd Noise Night 2014, and stare in awe at their ability to captivate a crowd and keep playing while wearing almost fully enclosed costumes in a human pressure cooker of an environment.

So get ready to transform and rock out in G1 fandom’s brightest hour, on March 21 at 9 pm to pay tribute to the most memorable version of Cybertron ever to grace the silver screen, which featured the final performance of Orson Welles, as Unicron, and a fan-favourite portrayal of Galvatron by the late, and beloved, Leonard Nimoy.

Tickets are available online here.


*All official correspondents from The Cybertronic Spree are presented to us by the characters from The Transformers: The Movie that the band members portray. No further inquiries as to their (we assume) fleshling identities were returned.


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