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True Blood Episode 4.11 Recap

True Blood Episode 4.11 - AlexanderSkarsgard, Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann Woll, Stephen Moyer

As the season’s end draws near, True Blood amps it up this week with the eleventh episode ‘Soul of Fire’. This latest installment was dynamic, but felt somewhat rushed. That can only mean Alan Ball is gearing up for one hell of a finale, right? Here’s hoping.

Last week we left off wondering about the fates of Sookie, Holly, Tara, Jesus and Lafayette after they disappeared while crossing Marnie’s magical barrier. Turns out they didn’t fry or get transported to some higher plane; they just ended up back inside the store (wah wahhhhh). Marnie looks out the window and scoffs at Bill, Eric, Pam and Jess who are armed to the teeth and about to blow up the store. Marnie’s prisoners aren’t quite so flippant about it however and Casey freaks out and charges at Marnie. That doesn’t go over well and she ends up with an enchanted dagger buried in her stomach. Don’t these fools know by now that this bitch ain’t playing? Antonia appears and starts to pick a fight with Marnie, but only Lafayette can see her with his newly honed medium skills and he gives everyone the play by play (“Marnie just puked a bitch out”). Antonia tells Marnie that she crossed a line by killing one of their own, but Marnie forces Antonia back into her body with a binding spell. Jesus sums it up nicely with “we’re fucked.”

Outside, the vampires are about to let loose with the explosives when Jason appears and warns them that Sookie is inside. “Fucking Sookie!” Bill and Eric both agree that they can’t hurt her and need to find another way but Pam is unmoved. “Do not tell me you’d put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress.” (and the award for best description of anything ever goes to…) Bill and Eric try to think of another way to get at Marnie. Out of nowhere, they are attacked by one of Marnie’s hypnotized zombie-vampires.

Sam and Alcide are still at Marcus’ garage holding one of his pals at gunpoint but he won’t give up his pack leader. Luna bursts in screaming threats because Marcus has taken Emma. Sam tells her that Marcus murdered Tommy and promises to set everything right and find Emma. Meanwhile, slime-ball Marcus has brought Emma over to Alcide’s house and is trying to convince Debbie to run away with them. Debbie keeps insisting that she can’t leave because she loves Alcide but Marcus seems to be wearing her down.


Back at the store, Jesus insists that Casey still has a pulse and begs Marnie to let him try to save her. Surprisingly Marnie shows some remorse and she lets Jesus and Lafayette take Casey into the back to heal her. Turns out Casey really is as dead as can be, but Jesus has a plan. He’s going to try to force Antonia out of Marnie’s body, but he needs Casey’s body to get his Brujo magic started. Holly and Sookie see Marnie’s concession as an opportunity and try to talk some sense into her. Sookie tells her that she can end all of this and that she knows Marnie is a good person deep down. Marnie almost looks swayed. Almost.

Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica have won out over their zombie-vampire attacker and Bill demands that the witch come out and face them herself. Marnie goes outside to face them and brings Sookie along. When they step outside, Marnie summons her zombie-vampire, but only to teach the rest of them a lesson because the vampire fries the second she hits the magic barrier. ‘I’ve harnessed the power of the sun,’ boasts Marnie. Turns out any vampire who crosses it will meet the true death. Again, bitch ain’t playing. Bill and Eric both demand that Marnie let Sookie go and Marnie agrees, under one tiny condition: Bill and Eric both have to kill themselves. Pam and Jessica scoff, but Bill and Eric both seem perfectly willing to die. Seriously. This is some messed up Twilight shit right here. Pam isn’t about to see Eric go and kill himself over Sookie so she aims an explosive at Marnie, but that backfires when it bounces off the magic barrier. Marnie retreats back inside; negotiations are over.

Sam comforts a worried Luna. Just when she’s convinced herself that Marcus has taken Emma out of the country, Emma calls her cell… from Alcide’s home number. Sam, Alcide and Luna high tail it over there and find Marcus in the bedroom with Debbie (Alcide looks thrilled) and Sam starts to kick the shit out of Marcus.

Jesus has gathered supplies and he and Lafayette get to work on Casey’s body. “I’m going to be using a very dark part of myself. However I talk to you, please don’t be offended.” I’m going to start giving this same warning to all my potential suitors. Jesus carves up the body and drinks some of Casey’s blood. Awesome.


Eric freaks out at Pam for disobeying him and nearly killing Sookie. Her apologies only make him angrier and he threatens to kill her if she doesn’t get out of his sight. Harsh. Jason was badly burned when the explosive backfired and Jessica feeds him some more of her blood. They have a nice little reunion and Jason seems to have finally come to terms with the fact that he’s stolen his best friend’s girl.

Marnie looks into the future and prophesizes her own imminent death, which she’s not exactly thrilled about. She seemingly repents and asks everyone to join her in a circle so that she can put everything right. You’d think after being held prisoner for days and seeing your captor stab someone in the stomach it’d take a bit more cajoling, but Stockholm syndrome has fully set in and only Sookie is wary. Marnie promises Sookie that she wants to see everyone get home alive and Sookie joins the circle.

Back outside, Jason and Jessica’s tender post-rescue moment is cut short when Jessica, Bill and the other vampires suddenly lose control of their bodies and start moving dangerously close to the vampire-zapping magic barrier. Marnie isn’t trying to save anyone; she’s trying to kill all the vampires again (DURR). Sookie reads Jason’s thoughts and realizes that Bill and Eric are about to die, so she uses her fairy magic to break the circle. Marnie retaliates by trapping Sookie inside a circle of flames. The spell breaks, but Bill and Eric are still freaking out because they can sense that Sookie is in peril but can’t help her.

Meanwhile back at Alcide’s, Sam is beating the much-deserved shit out of Marcus as Debbie watches in tears. Sam gets the upper hand but can’t bring himself to finish Marcus off and he steps away. That’s just enough time for Marcus to get his hands on Sam’s gun but Alcide steps in and kills Marcus before he can use it. Alcide denounces Debbie and swears that he will hunt with her no longer. Sam, Alcide and Luna leave Debbie to cry over scuz-bag’s body.


Lafayette watches in awe as Jesus’ magic grows stronger and the crazy Brujo face/voice comes out. Just when it looks like pretty lil’ Sookie is going to get burnt to a crisp, Jesus’ spell kicks in and Antonia tears herself away from Marnie’s body and disappears along with the magic barrier and the rest of Marnie’s spells. Guns ablazing, Bill and Eric burst in to the store and shoot Marnie, fulfilling her prophecy. The vampires clean up the mess and glamour the survivors as Lafayette tries to comfort Jesus who feels badly about Marnie’s death. The most acknowledgement Sookie gives to Bill and Eric for laying down their lives for her is an across the room is a brief eye-fuck. Really, that’s all you can muster? It is. For this week at least.

Later, Lafayette and Jesus are safe at home discussing the night’s events as they drift off to sleep. Lafayette tells Jesus not too feel badly about Marnie since, you know, she did attempt genocide and all. Just as Lafayette is about to close his eyes, Marnie’s spirit appears over him and jumps down his throat – literally. You didn’t think you could get rid of her that easily, did you?

Oh yeah, and Andy Bellefleur had sex with a fairy named Mirella. Big whoop. Who on this show HASN’T had sex with a fairy, magical or otherwise?

OH-MY-GOD-WE’RE-SO-CLOSE-TO-THE-END! My only hope for next week is that Sookie acknowledges Bill and Eric’s near-sacrifice with a little more than an across-the-room eyefuck. Two guys offer to die for you; they deserve something in return… you know what I mean?


See you next week, Fang Bangers!