Venom review

Venom Sequel Confirmed with Tom Hardy Returning

Will Tom Holland's Spider-Man make an appearance?

Even though it polarized critics and audiences all across the globe, without a doubt one of the biggest commercial successes for cinema in 2018 was Ruben Fleischer’s superhero feature Venom. The film managed to rake in an impressive amount at the box office, with the gross being over $850 million. In the film, we follow a journalist named Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) who accidentally gets infected with a mysterious and dangerous virus known as a symbiote, which in turn transforms him into a monstrosity known as “Venom”. Part of the reason why the film performed as well as it did was surely due to it being a Spider-Man spin-off, as one of the webhead’s long-running nemesis’ is Venom.

During the post-credits scene in Venom, we see Brock visiting a prison to write a news story on a highly dangerous serial killer named Cletus Kasady. Fans of the Spider-Man comic books will recognize this name, as it is the real name of popular villain Carnage, who is similar to Venom in plenty of ways. This scene got hardcore fans of the source material excited to see what could come next.

But for a while, talk of a sequel to the superhero blockbuster was relatively on the down-low, up until recently. There was no doubt that a sequel would be made due to its immense box office return, but rather a question of when it would be happening. Now, Amy Pascal, who served as the producer on the film, has confirmed that a sequel is in the works with Hardy reprising his role as Eddie Brock / Venom.

As far as other details go on the upcoming picture, there is not a lot to be found quite yet. However, since the original came out in October of 2018, the follow-up may not be released in theatres until a year or two down the road. But whatever the release date ends up being, we can be sure to have yet another unique ride with crazy symbiote action.