Viva Varda: Tribute to Legendary Filmmaker Agnès Varda at Hot Docs

Celebrate the Life of Agnès Varda This Weekend at Hot Docs

This past March, the world lost the legendary artist and filmmaker, Agnès Varda. Known as the godmother of the French New Wave, Varda’s career spanned seven decades and spawned such classic works as Cléo from 5 to 7.

On Saturday, June 8, Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema will pay tribute to Varda with an event titled Viva Varda: Faces Places & Kiva Reardon on the legacy of Agnès Varda.

Here are the details:

Varda, who passed away this past spring, will be remembered as we screen her Oscar-nominated documentary Faces Places (Visages Villages), followed by a captivating discussion with Hot Docs programmer Kiva Reardon about Agnès and her enormous contribution to cinema and the art world.

Kiva Reardon is also a journalist and is the founder of cléo, a Toronto-based journal of film and feminism that took its title from one of Varda’s most revered films.

If you’re you’re not familiar with Varda’s work, Faces Places is an excellent starting point. It’s a charming, insightful, and entertaining film sure to pique your curiosity about this revered artist. If you’ve been on the Varda bandwagon for years, watching Faces Places again is a great way to celebrate her legacy. And of course, you get to hear the esteemed Kiva Reardon drop knowledge about one of cinema’s true icons. What’s not to like?


Faces Places trailer:

Faces Places synopsis:

Faces Places is an uplifting film that celebrates the connective power of art. The film pairs Varda and 34-year-old French superstar photographer JR together as they travel throughout France in a van outfitted to produce over-sized pictures, which they use to create large murals of the people and places they photograph along the way. These murals are displayed throughout the towns they visit as a way to honour its residents and reveal their humanity.

For more information about Varda: Faces Places & Kiva Reardon on the legacy of Agnès Varda, click here.

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