What Do Gamers Really Want From An Online Slot?

Slot games are one of the most exciting and engaging online gaming options around, but what goes into making a decent slot game? What makes a particular slot stand out from the crowd? Well, there are several primary factors that go into making a game appealing. Obviously, the jackpot has to be high enough to prove enticing, and the game has to be placed on a secure website that can be completely trusted, but most importantly, the game needs to be engaging and fun in terms of graphics, theme, and overall gameplay experience.

It is this last point that is perhaps most important in 2017, since most individuals gaming online havefaith in the companies they are depositing with, and decent jackpots are commonplace thanks to comparison sites making info readily available to consumers. This means that slot games need to stand out from the crowd due to enhanced gaming experience, eye-catching graphics, or associations with familiar characters or widely loved franchises in order to pull in the slot gaming crowds.

What Options Do Gamers Have?

If you’re into your online slots and you’ve previously glanced through the suite of options available with various operators, you could be forgiven for thinking that you can play a game with any character you fancy, or any film you feel like being involved in. Sadly, though, this isn’t the case, as companies can choose not to allow online slot creators like Playtech the opportunity to use their characters.

Perhaps the most famous example of this is Disney, who refuse to allow Star Wars or Marvel characters the chance to be used in any kind of slot game, so as to reinforce the “family-friendly” image that they have tried to create for brands owned by them.

In contrast to this, DC Comics allow a wide range of characters, such as Batman and the villains he faces, to appear in slots, perhaps reinforcing the edgier image that the DC brand has been trying to create. This edgy side has also seen a rise in the popularity of characters like Judge Dredd (who has seen a huge increase in popularity since the 2012 film brought him back into the mainstream) when it comes to their own slot games.

Pink, Pink! Moving Away from Edgy

An edgy game and character clearly certainly has an appeal for many people, but slots can also often be about relaxing and light-hearted fun. To this end, the Pink Panther slot machine game has a wide appeal; the Pink Panther brand not only has a long history (with the original Pink Panther film released way back in 1963) but also has perhaps the most iconic and cheeky theme tune around. This cheeky and fun theme really runs through the game, making it an appealing option for gamers.

Of course, with so many other characters available and ready to try out, it really is about personal preference when it comes to picking the best slot game. It does appear like it is this, rather than the level of sign-up bonus or jackpot available, that keeps engaging with gamers time after time in the online gaming world.