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The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

If you haven’t been watching AMC’s The Walking Dead this season, what have you been doing?! Since the season is only six episodes long, there’s still time for you to catch up before tonight’s presumably awesome finale.

Based on a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and produced by genius writer/director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), The Walking Dead tells the story of sheriff deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, Love Actually) who wakes up from a coma to find that a zombie pandemic has swept the nation, leaving only bloodthirsty reanimated corpses as far as the eye can see. Of course, there are survivors and among them are his wife and son whom he sets out to find. Along the way he encounters other survivors and is faced with tough moral decisions that inevitably must be made in a world where social conventions and man-made laws no longer apply. Of course being our hero and a police officer, he always does the right thing, even when it means narrowly escaping death.

At first glance, especially for someone who has not read the comics, it may come off as yet another trope-riddled zombie pandemic story (aka, ’28 Episodes Later’).
However by the end of the first episode it becomes clear that The Walking Dead is so much more. It’s a bad-ass combination action-show-slash-character-drama. Imagine the character development and dramatic interpersonal stories of Mad Men combined with the neck-snapping, gut-oozing gore of a Romero film. Several ‘crowning moments of awesome’ throughout the series (painting themselves with guts to throw the zombies off their scent? Delightfully disgusting) make this show a must-watch.

Next season should be interesting as it was recently announced that it will be expanded to 13 episodes and that Darabont has fired the entire writing staff. From the sounds of it he was doing most of the writing himself anyway with the help from Kirkman and some freelancers. Perhaps the writing staff was to blame for some of the glaring plot holes (how did the RV magically get fixed?) that while noticeable, are forgivable since the show is otherwise crazy awesome. Crawesome if you will.


So stop doing all those other ‘important’ things that have kept you from this show, (Studying? Psh.) and do yourself a favour by watching The Walking Dead. When the real zombie outbreak hits, and you’re forced to use your text book as a zombie brain-basher, you’ll be glad you listened.

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