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Avengers: Endgame – Marvel Studios’ EVP Victoria Alonso on the Russos, What’s Next for the MCU, the Diverse Future of the Franchise, and What’s on Her Shelf

For ten years now the MCU has pummelled its box office competition into submission as though the studio has an actual Infinity Gauntlet. In 2019, an Avengers movie is as close as Hollywood gets to a sure bet, so it’s hard to believe that just ten years ago, people saw these films as wild experiments. And in hindsight, there are so many ways these films could have gone off the rails. For one, Marvel didn’t have the rights to their X-Men, Hulk, and Spider-Man characters. People were unsure whether serious actors would commit themselves to long-term multi-picture deals. And even if Marvel moved forward with their second-tier characters, moviegoers didn’t know Tony Stark from Tony Danza.

But the odds broke in Marvel’s favour every single time. Not only is Tony Stark a household name, but so are C-level characters like Star-Lord and Ant-man. Marvel even made hits out of Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy. And these successes translated to a box office goldmine. The MCU has grossed over $7 billion at the box office, mainly because Marvel understands what makes their heroes great, and they do a spectacular job giving fans the characters and the stories they want.

Marvel’s unprecedented 22 movie hot streak shows no signs of slowing down either. A team of executives hell-bent on maintaining the MCU’s sky-high standards look after the business and creative sides. One of these folks is Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios’ executive vice president of production. Alonso has worked on 21 of the 22 MCU films. Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve seen her work. Alonso is a member of the MCU’s top brass which includes Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige and co-president Louis D’Esposito. There isn’t a major decision that doesn’t cross the trio’s desks.

Alonso was in Toronto promoting the MCU’s latest film, Avengers: Endgame and That Shelf couldn’t pass up the chance to throw some questions her way.