Band Ladies: Watch 5 Bored Middle-aged Women Go Punk AF

If you’re looking for something to get you over the mid-week hump next Wednesday, Band Ladies fits the bill.

Band Ladies is a new comedic web-series about a group of fed-up middle-age women who form a punk band and actually generate some buzz. Based on the trailer, the six-episode series looks full of over-the-top characters, catchy music, and empowering themes.

What’s most appealing about the show is how it’s so full of personality. The series’ co-creators and writers are involved in Toronto’s comedy scene, and their sense of humour comes through in every single frame of the trailer.

Band Ladies’ purple, green, and orange press materials even showoff some punk rock flair. The press materials list the five main characters as the Uptight Homemaker, the Disillusioned Lawyer, the Misguided Manipulator, the Lovesick Flake, and my favourite label of the bunch, the Infertile Firecracker. I’m curious to see how these characters’ colourful personalities ping pong off each other throughout the season.


Band Ladies trailer:

Each episode is roughly ten-minutes, so you can run through the season in one sitting, which sounds so appealing – we’re stuck inside during a quarantine, and somehow my streaming library backlog keeps getting longer. Even if each episode was 30-minutes, I’m down to watch these five “wannabe” punks find their groove.

Band Ladies synopsis:

5 women, sick of their repetitive lives and boring book club, find freedom by forming a punk band. When a video of their first performance makes the news, the heroines are forced to become more badass than they bargained for. The series follows them as they are launched into a music career where they discover true friendship, three chord progression and the inner strength no one thought they had, least of all themselves.

Band Ladies is available to stream on Highball TV starting May 13th, 2020.


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