Blood in the Snow 2014: Berkshire County Review

Berkshire County

Berkshire County is a very uneven home invasion horror story that goes to some unnecessary extremes to prove not very much at all.

Kylie Winters (Alysa King) is a bullied teen who can’t make the right decisions in her life. When she reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated mansion in the countryside on Halloween night, she’s in for more then she bargained for.  Kylie’s quiet night hiding from the world turns into a macabre game of cat and mouse when some creepy dudes break into the house.

Berkshire County does a few things in terms of pacing, but any positives get washed away in the mess that comprises the rest of this movie.


Kicking off with the unnecessary and disgusting plot point that uses date rape to put our heroine down and make her vulnerable, this movie has a tall hill to climb to get us back on board.  Director Audrey Cummings shoots it well and has a good eye for creating a sense of visual tension, but the script is weak, caused the narrative to drag unnecessarily, with an ending that makes no sense whatsoever. Other than King, who does a fine job, none of the other actors really add anything to the proceedings or help the material.

Berkshire County has an effective premise for horror movie, but it can’t come up with a reason for existing beyond boring shock value. (Dave Voigt)


Friday, November 28th, Carlton Cinema, 7:00pm and 9:45pm


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