Blood in the Snow 2014: Teddy Bomb Review

Teddy Bomb

An infectiously goofy, no budget, high concept lark, the locally produced Teddy Bomb makes no pretentions that it’s a great film, but it’s certainly one that wants to have fun alongside like minded people who get the joke. Think of a Godfrey Ho and Sam Raimi produced live action reboot of Big Hero 6 directed by Albert Pyun and you’ll get the idea of what that joke might be. If you get the joke, this movie’s for you.

Lowly, nerdy beer deliver guy Chris (Christian Murdoch) one day happens upon an apparent crime scene, and in an effort to get out of there as fast as possible, he snatches up and makes off with a talking teddy bear. The bear turns out to be a well meaning, soft spoke, intelligent robot that also happens to be a bomb that will detonate in less than 48 hours and kill everyone in a 100 kilometer radius. Out to find the deactivation code to stop a disaster, Chris and his plushy friend find help from the young man’s badass best friend and girlfriend while the unlikely duo is hunted down by cyborgs and terrorists who want the bear.

It’s patently ridiculous and clearly made without a single cent of money behind it, but writer and director Justin Decloux still delivers a funny script told in a slapdash fashion. Sure, there’s no continuity at all (with some scenes taking place on snow covered city streets and others where the ground is green and bone dry), but given the films he’s trying to emulate, such inanity is part of the fun. It’s purposefully bad and cheeseball, but in a genuine way, even offering a couple of unexpectedly heartfelt moments down the stretch.


You have to like Grade-Z action flicks with A-list references and sometimes surrealist jokes to really get behind Teddy Bomb, but it has a charming can-do spirit that carries it further than just a one note premise.


Saturday, November 29th, Carlton Cinemas, 11:59pm