CBC Docs’ Humboldt: The New Season Follows the Survivors’ Stories

“A Powerful Story of Resilience and Healing”

On April 6, 2018, a bus transporting a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team (The Humboldt Broncos) and their staff collided with a semi-trailer truck. The accident, which killed 16 people and injured another 13, made national headlines and united the country in their support for the team and their families. Humboldt: The New Season, which debuts Thursday evening as part of CBC Docs POV, continues the Bronco’s story.

Humboldt: The New Season follows the survivors’ harrowing ordeals as they recover from the tragedy and learn to cope with their trauma. The program was filmed over 11 months beginning in August 2018, as training for the new hockey season began. The doc’s directors stayed with the families and players documenting how the survivors adjusted to “Their new reality,” including the sentencing of the truck driver involved in their crash.

Head over to CBC Docs POV for a preview.

Humboldt: The New Season synopsis:

Humboldt: The New Season follows five of the survivors: Brayden Camrud and Derek Patter as they return to play for the 2018-2019 Humboldt hockey season with a different coaching staff and new teammates; Tyler Smith, Kaleb Dahlgren, and Layne Matechuk who continue their recovery while trying to pursue their love for hockey in new avenues;  the late Logan Boulet’s parents who carry on their son’s legacy by spreading the message of organ donation, something Logan helped raise unprecedented awareness about across Canada; and Mark Cross’ parents as they see their son’s memory live on through the York Lions hockey program where he was a former player (and where Kaleb was recruited). This is a story of healing without ever forgetting or letting go.

Humboldt: The New Season will premiere on CBC Docs POV on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at 9 p.m. ET (9:30 NT) on CBC and on the free CBC Gem streaming service.


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