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ECCC 2019: Funko Unveils Incredible Collectible Lineup for Emerald City Comic Con

A look at Funko's exclusive ECCC 2019 collectibles

This week is Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). Running Thursday, March 14 to Sunday, March 17 in Seattle, Washington, it’s the largest comic and pop culture show in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the first major convention of the year and will likely surpass six-digit attendance numbers this year. Washington also happens to be the home of Funko.

Unsurprisingly, the Funko marketing crew is psyched to promote the brand locally. In addition to the now traditional live-recording of the Funko Funkast podcast at the con, they’re using the home advantage to host a kickoff party at the Funko headquarters in Everett, WA on the Wednesday before the con begins. Both events promise fun opportunities to interact with the Funko team, who are essentially the face of the company alongside CEO Brian Mariotti, as well as awesome prizes. The company’s motto states, “Come for the toys, stay for the people,” so what are this year’s exclusive ECCC collectibles?

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Over the course of three days, Funko announced more than 30 items that would be available at ECCC. But for everyone unable to attend the con or win the lottery to access the booth, Funko also identified which collectibles will be shared with stores and which will only be available at the convention upfront for the first time. Now, collectors can start planning their strategies early without relying on leaks. As usual, partner retailers include the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BoxLunch, Entertainment Earth, Funko Shop, FYE, Hot Topic, Gamestop/EB Games, Target, Walgreens and Walmart.


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