FanExpo 2009 Starts This Weekend

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FanExpo, the largest fan con in Canada returns to Toronto August 28th-30th.  Dork Shelf will be there!  FanExpo is essentially an amalgam of five smaller conventions dedicated to comic books, science fiction, horror, gaming and anime.  If you are a Canadian dork, FanExpo is the place to be this weekend.

Things are looking very good the comic book side of things.  First and foremost, FanExpo will feature over 500 comic book retailers.  Can’t find that one book missing from your collection?  Chances are you’ll find it there.  Of course, then there are the guests; amazing talent from around the industry.  From Marvel, Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr. to name a few.  On the DC side of things, we’re very lucky this year.  We are huge fans of Green Lantern and Blackest Night, that’s why we’re so jazzed that the extremely talented Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver will be at FanExpo this year.  The con will also feature some awesome local talent, including Francis Manapul, Ty Templeton and Stuart and Kathryn Immonen.  Check out the full lineup of guests and events at the Comic Book Expo here.

Not to be outdone, horror and sci-fi will be well represented at FanExpo as well.  Disney will be showing off Tron: Legacy and the 501st Legion Star Wars Cosplayers will be parading around.  SFX and Festival of Fear also have a killer linup of guests, including the legendary Bruce Campbell; a man who needs no introduction, Leonard Nimoy; Billy Dee “Lando Calrissian” Williams; Mary McDonnell of Battlestar Galactica and Donnie Darko; the awesome Avery Brooks of Star Trek Deep Space Nine; Linda Hamilton from the Terminator films; and Beau Bridges from Stargate SG-1.  See the full lineup of guests for SFX and Rue Morgue Festival of Fear here.

A more recent and welcome addition to FanExpo is the Gaming Expo, covering all things gaming.  Whether it’s table top, role playing, collectible card games or video games, GX2009 has got you covered.  Video games not your thing?  Have no fear, there will be massive CCG, RPG and LARPing tournaments going on all weekend.  If video games do happen to be your thing, then you’ll definitely want to check out GX2009.  Sony and Microsoft will be in attendance, with playable versions of many hotly anticipated games.  Most notably, Sony will have Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 on display.  Microsoft was supposed to have Halo 3: ODST playable, but sadly this will not be the case.  I suppose Forza Motorsport 3 will have to suffice.  Among the guests, Victor Lucas of Electric Playground will be in attendance, and you’ll also be able to pit your gaming skills against Lil Poison: the “youngest pro-gamer in the world”.


Basically, it’s going to be an awesome weekend.  Dork Shelf will have plenty of interviews with fans and guests, so stay tuned.  Also, be sure to check out the Official FanExpo 2009 Site.

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