Into the Badlands S2E6

Get a Glimpse of Bajie’s Dark Past in This Exclusive Into the Badlands Clip

Into The Badlands is letting is wearing its Mad Max influences on its sleeve this season, leaning into the post-apocalyptic elements of its fantasy world as Sunny (Daniel Wu) and his new ally of circumstance Bajie (Nick Frost) make their way back to everything the main character holds dear in a rusted marauder mobile.

The pairing is just one of the many improvements we’ve seen in season two. Frost’s character brings much needed humour to the proceedings, along with an outsider’s perspective on the show’s increasingly rich mythology. In this exclusive clip, the latter of those Frostian gifts is on display, as Sunny grills his companion for information on the mysterious and superpowered Abbots who kidnapped M.K. The results are both heartbreaking and intriguing.

Take a look:

In our interview with Frost at the outset of season two, the actor implied that there was more to Bajie than sarcasm and wit. “As we go on, into the season,” he said, “when you get into [episodes] seven, eight, nine and ten, then Bajie’s story becomes more apparent and that comedy then becomes tragedy.”


This clip heavily implies that the more serious aspect of Bajie’s character arc has something to do with the superpowered bald dudes who steal children with dark mystical powers. Could Bajie be a former pupil of the mystical temple who had his power removed after been too snarky? Or perhaps the Abbots stole his own child and he found himself powerless to fight back, left with nothing but his opium trafficking business. Whatever the case may be, Bajie’s dark past is slowly coming to the surface in this week’s Into The Badlands.

The next episode of Into the Badlands airs Sunday April 23 @ 10/9C

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