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MK Confronts Bajie About Sunny in This Exclusive Into the Badlands Clip

We’ve got another exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Into the Badlands, AMC’s genre-bending post-apocalyptic martial arts epic.

Our own TV critic Peter Counter has praised the show’s second season, calling it “bigger, better fleshed out, and more confident” and proclaiming the show to be “anime AF”. The series, which continues to be one of the most unique shows on television, has had a fantastic season so far and the next episode, titled Black Heart, White Mountain, looks like it’s going to be no exception. Sunny is down for the count as Bajie and MK try to figure out how to help him and The Widow is set to exact more revenge with a little help from a new partner.

In this exclusive clip from the next episode, Bajie (Nick Frost) and MK (Aramis Knight) face off over what should be done about Sunny as his condition worsens – and contemplate going back to the Abbotts to get a cure.

Check it out below:


In case you missed the news, Into the Badlands was just renewed for a third, super-sized season. The series will return in 2018 with a massive 16 episode run – nearly three times longer than the show’s initial six-episode first season.
And for more insights into where the series might be heading, don’t miss our recent podcast interviews with Into the Badlands stars Daniel Wu (Sunny) and Nick Frost (Bajie).

The next action-packed episode of Into the Badlands airs Sunday April 30, 2017 10/9C on AMC