Into the Badlands Daniel Wu Nick Frost

Into the Badlands: Nunchucking Nick Frost Kicks Ass in This Exclusive Season Finale Clip

It’s finally happening. Nick Frost’s Into the Badlands character Bajie, the party dude of the group, is becoming the Michelangelo he was meant to be, grabbing a pair of nunchucks and beating goons to death like so many members of the Foot Clan. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s season two finale, Bajie and Sunny (Daniel Wu) find themselves deep in the subterranean headquarters of the menacing and deranged Quinn (Marton Csokas), chopping off legs and caving in skulls in what’s sure to be just one of many jaw-dropping fight scenes contained in the hour. Check it out:

Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire is the tenth and final episode of Into The Badlands’ spectacular second season, which saw the show solidifying its colourful, genre-bending tone with hyper-violent style and clever humour. Tune in Sunday to see what high-flying action, major plot twists, potential character deaths, and possible cliffhangers await us before we’re left with months to speculate on what’s in store for the show’s expanded third season.

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