Orange Is the New Black Episode 3.10 Recap

When Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Dogget gets her first period at the tender age of ten, her mother’s advice is that her body is no longer her own; boys are going to see her differently, “they’re gonna do you different.” Menses gives her value, “like a case of pop” and sex is all about letting men do their business, “Like a bee sting. Over before you knew it was happening.” The young Tiffany furrows her brow trying to digest this new information, “But mama, bee stings hurt.”

“A Tittin’ and A Hairin’” is an episode of violence. Beginning with a painful metaphor, the violence continues as we see how love, lust, sex, anger, desire, and power motivate physical and mental violent behaviour inside and outside the walls of a Federal Penitentiary.

Tit For Tat

OITNB - A Tittin and A Hairin

Coates stops Pennsatucky to deliver a sorry-but-not-really-sorry apology about his actions at the duck pond. The self proclaimed “feminist” chalks up his behaviour to the fact that women are “difficult sometimes.” More importantly for him, he doesn’t want to lose his job. Pennsatucky forgives him. She’s elated when he tells her that he likes her, “You like me? Like you like me?” He nods claiming that he can’t stop thinking about “it”(what happened at the pond), “You couldn’t stop thinking about me?” “No.” he says. No.


Teenaged Tiffany hangs at a bush party making eyes at a cute stranger. Their glances are interrupted when the brutish Abe approaches with a six-pack of “Fizz” pop. Although it’s not her preferred brand (Mountain Dew) she trades her body for the carbonated beverages. Bent over the side of an abandoned house as Abe thrusts away, she’s bit by a spider, or stung by a bee?

Fuck you and your blue balls.” Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Dogget

The cutie from before approaches her with a First Aid kit to heal her sting. His name is Nathan. He’d like to take her out to a movie sometime. “What do I gotta do?” she asks with suspicion, “Be my date?” he says with a smile.

Handy Work


OITNB - A Tittin and A Hairin

Suzanne’s super-fan Maureen composes a rhyming note suggesting her writer’s block might be solved with some “research” about girl-on-girl action. Maureen’s “homo proclivities” might be of some assistance if only Suzanne would meet her in the broom closet after dinner?

Morello chats with Suzanne about meeting with a super creepy koala-eyed pen pal who’s now off her list of male visitors. “You are a real slut” says Suzanne. Morello tries to tell her that’s not a very nice thing to say, “Then why do women like when men call them sluts during sex… or bitches… or dirty whores who love come?”

“Oh dear, that is a complicated question” sighs Morello. Further complexities arise when Suzanne reveals she doesn’t know anything about sex. Anything. Despite her erotic stories, Suzanne’s never had any experience and Morello tenderly tries to give her advice about what to do in the janitorial closet, “What do I do with my hands?” wonders Suzanne. “Put ‘em inside her” is Morello’s (totally practical) advice. Although when it comes time to do the deed—Suzanne runs away.

Nathan and Tiffany watch a porno where a busty blonde is told what a “slut” she is. Tiffany’s view and experience with sex is revealed when she wonders aloud why a woman would smile during sex, or make such “funny” noises. Nathan removes her clothes stopping at her underwear, not touching her, but merely taking her in and tells her how beautiful she looks. He begins to pleasure her with his hands, “I don’t now if I like that” she protests, but he goes on “taking care” of her and she begins to writhe, “Who are you, you magical man?”


Leanne’s still set on making the magical Norma’s group seem legit instituting a Sunrise Service where they scream out the first thing that comes to mind. “THIS IS STUPID!” yells Poussey, complaining Leanne is starting to make things all about herself—not Norma. The group is assigned work duty for disturbing the peace, and as Soso walks by she and Leanne have words. In “Where My Driedel At?” Soso laughed at Leanne’s Amish roots. Berdie tries to comfort her by telling Soso that maybe she’s just different than the other women in the prison (and that’s why she has no friends) Soso takes this to mean that she’s better, and tells Leanne so.

OITNB - A Tittin and A Hairin

I’m gonna kill her” Gloria Mendoza
You’re gonna need to be more specific than that.” Aleida Diaz

Gloria’s enraged when she sees Sophia sitting with her family in the visitation room. She now knows her son Benny had nothing to do with the boy who was beaten by Michael, and that Sophia’s refused to give Benny a ride out of spite. Gloria misses her son. She misses all of her children. She’s stuck in this place not being able to see them, and she’s furious Sophia’s having a “nice time” with her family (what she doesn’t know is Sophia’s visit consists of her son telling her off before storming out).

Powell visits her son Pornstache in prison to deliver the news Daya’s baby isn’t his. He refuses to accept this as truth saying how much he loves Daya and adamantly stating, “I was not a rapist… with her.” Seeing how reality would destroy her son, Powell goes back to Daya and says that even though she knows that “she”(the baby) isn’t technically her grandchild, she wants to adopt “her” because of her empty nest syndrome. Daya tearfully agrees because Powell will be able to give the baby a “better” life. It’s extremely misleading of Powell to not disclose the real motivation for the adoption is a way to placate her son — a dangerous and crazy man.


She crazy.” Lolly Whitehill

Alex confronts Lolly about her stalker notebook and CO Donaldson takes notice. Lolly produces an identical notebook with different handwriting and Donaldson writes Alex two shots (one of which is for stealing, but how can it be for stealing is Lolly says the notebook isn’t hers? That would be my argument if I were Alex, but then I would probably get another shot for talking back).

Alex then goes to find Piper who’s conducting her panty business with “Crocodile Dundee” Stella and accuses them of having an affair. Piper could just admit to Alex that she’s into new friend “Justin Bieber” but she’d rather tell Alex to “shut up” and start making out with Stella literally thirty seconds after Alex is out of sight.

Morello bonds with her new beau Vinny over mutually creepy Italian grandparents. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, and his gold chain makes her feel “protected.” He vows to protect her from anything. She puts this charge to the test when she mentions there is a man who’s been making her feel very “unladylike” and Vinny asks for details, she leans in…


Vinny and a group of his friend show up at Christopher’s house. The Christopher who Morello psychotically stalked, threatened, and burgled. It’s payback for rejecting her. Vinny and his buddies beat the crap out of him.

The Ladies Room

OITNB - A Tittin and A Hairin


…you ain’t nothing real.” Gloria Mendoza

Reeling from her exchange with Piper, Alex retreats to one of the washrooms to collect herself. Lolly produces a large piece of glass she took from the broken greenhouse window.“I knew he fucking sent you” Alex’s suspicions that Lolly was sent to kill her by Kubra are confirmed—or are they? After Alex punches her in the face and wrestles her to the ground Lolly gasps between breaths claiming that the “NSA has been infiltrated.” It all comes together for Alex — Lolly is a mentally unwell individual who has paranoid delusions — and Alex may be is just as deluded.

Gloria catches Sophia in the Spanish bathroom and tells her to get out. Sophia says she doesn’t want to fight, but things get heated and Gloria claims she’s a “ferocious pissed off real mother, but you wouldn’t know nothing about that would you?” Sophia pushes her in anger and Gloria is badly hurt, she tries to apologize but Aleida stops her.

I love you too and I’m coming back for you.” Nathan

Young Tiffany has to say goodbye to Nathan. He’s heading out to Wyoming but promises to come back, “I love you” says Tiffany desperately wanting to go with him. Shortly after he leaves, Abe corners Tiffany in the bathroom at a house party. He claims she “owes” him. She tries to fight him off, but he forces himself inside of her, “It’s gonna be real fast.” Her face is expressionless: does she think back to her mother’s words? Does she recognize this as rape? Or is she resigned to the fate of being treated like a can of soda—where her body is to be consumed and discarded? Does she know in this moment that Nathan never comes back for her?

On the way to the prison van, Penn playfully asks Coates to go get ice cream but he’s angry with her after he’s put on probation by Caputo after missing count back at camp because of their excursions. Tiffany didn’t know this was the case and offers to help, but Coates doesn’t want her help, her doesn’t want her friendship.

He tosses her small frame into the van, “This is what you were asking for” he says as he bends her over and unzips his pants, “This is what you wanted”, he says breathlessly as we see her face pushed against the seat, “This is what you asked for. I love you Dogget” he huffs as he rapes her.

She lies still, a tear falling down her face.

Out In The Yard

Tiffany Dogget might be a fictional character, but her sexual assault at the hands of a prison guard is a representation of a very real problem. According to Human Rights Watch 15 percent of female inmates have experienced sexual assault while in prison. Furthermore, studies show that young girls who are sexually abused are likely to end up incarcerated.

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