The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #7 – Stephanie Cooke

Welcome to episode #7 of The Roundup with Elena & Meg!

This episode we’ll be joined by the fab writer, editor and podcaster Stephanie Cooke to debate all things pop culture! In film we’ll be talking about the Fantastic Four debacle, the brilliant Diary of a Teenage Girl, and the new The Hateful Eight trailer. In TV we’ll be discussing Sesame Street making the move to HBO and what we’re binging on this summer. In comics we’ll chat about female superheroine costume designs and the new Marvel hip hop covers, after which we’ll debate the usefulness of variant covers. Then we’ll close off the show by talking about the World of Warcraft expansion, gaming elitism, and whether professional gaming should be seen as a sport.

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Film: 8:12
TV: 25:05
Comics: 38:28
Gaming: 48:05


Fantastic Four controversy

Diary of a Teenage Girl British 18A rating


The Hateful Eight trailer

Sesame Street moves to HBO

Emma Frost costume redesign

Marvel Hip Hop variant covers


World of Warcraft expansion

Youngest gamer to surpass $1 million in earnings