Park So-Dam Parasite

The Parasite Jessica Jingle K-Pop Remix is Amazing

The Parasite “Jessica Jingle”K-pop remix is officially our new favourite song! Japanese-American EDM artist Exitpost dropped a funky remix of the song that appears in Bong Joon Ho’s acclaimed film Parasite. The number performed by Kim Ki-jung (Park So-dam) is a viral sensation. It’s hard to imagine any award season anthem topping last year’s “Just Dance”/Glenn Close mash-up, but Jessica wins this contest. The Bonghive officially has a new anthem.


Jessica, only child

Illinois, Chicago

Classmate: Kim Jin-mo

He’s your cousin.

Watch the Parasite “Jessica Jingle” K-pop remix:

The film’s US distributor, NEON, has been pulling out all the stops with the Parasite campaign with the “Jessica Jingle” especially taking off. They even had Park So-Dam teach cinephiles the words and moves on Twitter and released the song for downloading. You can even make it your ringtone! Fans also released fact-checked expansions and sheet music.



Parasite continues to make waves for an international arthouse film. Canadian distributor MK2 Mile End announced that Parasite crossed the $1 million mark at the Canadian box office. In its first week of release, Parasite beat the records to become the highest grossing international film in the country for the past 20 years.



Unfortunately, there is no news about a campaign to get the “Jessica Jingle” an Oscar for Best Original Song. NEON is currently putting its money behind Mary Steenburgen’s wonderful ditty “Glagow” from Wild Rose. Fair enough. But the Parasite “Jessica Jingle” K-pop remix should fuel every Oscars after-party.


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