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Podcast 5 Season 2 Special TV Edition

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"Tired of ordinary television?"

In this (mostly) television-related episode Jeff and Will are joined by the Shelf’s resident TV dorks Kathleen Corrigan and Ian MacIntyre, as well as TV critic Kat Angus of’s excellent TV Casualty Podcast. The group discusses their favourite returning shows, shows they are looking forward to in 2011, the state of television in Canada, and even find time to challenge one another to ridiculously obscure TV trivia. TV! TV! TV!

The show was recorded live at the Artful Dodger Pub in Toronto, so apologies in advance for the minor background noise.

Download: Dork Shelf Podcast 5 Season 2 (52 MB, MP3, 1:08:40)
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  • 0:00 — “Threshold” by Beck
  • 0:28 — Introductions
  • 2:35 — HBO’s Game of Thrones
  • 5:35 — The Showcase Review & CityTV’s Baby Blue Movies.
  • 7:45 — Californication, Entourage, Shameless
  • 13:56 — Episodes, Skins, Big Love, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Dexter
  • 28:38 — Canadian TV Industry, Republic of Doyle, The Odyssey, Less Than Kind
  • 38:18 — The Office, Dragon’s Den, Insecurity, The Good Wife, Parks & Rec
  • 57:18 — Andrew Garfield and the new Spider-Man film.
  • 1:00:50 —The group pick their favourites and quiz one another.
  • 1:07:44 — Outro and suspect editing.
  • 1:08:15 — “Threshold” by Beck