Contracts Trailer

Shelf Pick: Contracts Red Band Trailer

Tensions are running high in 2020. We all know why, so we won’t get into details, but if you’re in desperate need of a little stress relief that doesn’t involve going to the gym or a jog, we highly encourage that you to sit back, relax, and watch a group of skilled stunt people knock the crap out of one another for your entertainment. Enter Contracts.

The premise is simple: Martial arts mayhem ensues as a team of assassins led by an extremist become victims of a superior killer. 

Contracts Movie Poster

The feature film debut of Alex Chung – one of Canada’s most talented stunt performers and choreographers – Contracts took home the Best Action Film and Best Fight awards at the 2019 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. You’ve probably already seen Chung’s action-packed work on screens large and small whether you realize it or not. A stunt performer mainstay on Toronto-produced shows such as The Boys, The Expanse, and Star Trek: Discovery, he also oversaw the fantastic martial arts choreography in Justin Decloux‘s Impossible Horror and Steven Kostanski’s upcoming Psycho Goreman.

“[Alex Chung] cut his teeth as a fight choreographer, and the movie has some well-executed fights sequences – some of them are better than what you find in big-budget action flicks. The fast-paced and hyper-violent action features some inventive choreography. Combatants punch, kick, shoot, stab, and bite their way through 70 minutes worth of bloody encounters.” – Victor Stiff, Featured Critic –

If all that bone-crunching, head-kicking action sounds at all up your alley, then you should definitely watch the Contracts red band trailer below:

Contracts will be available on Blu-ray/DVD, iTunes, Google Play (US & Canada), Amazon Video, Direct TV, and iNDEMAND (US) TVOD on November 10th.