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Shelf Pick: Estonian Horror Comedy KRATT!

Whether you’re a parent in Canada or Estonia, a near universal complaint of families the world over is kids spending too much time on their phones. The solution? Tough love. Ship the kids off to grandma’s house in the country and take away their phones so they can see how life used to be lived.

That’s the initial premise of Kratt, an Estonian horror comedy which sees siblings Mia and Kevin (played by director Rasmus Merivoo’s own children Nora and Harri) sent their grandmother’s house in rural Estonia for a smartphone detox. Grandma (Mari Lill) soon puts the two to work on her small farm, but being city kids Mia and Kevin soon get bored of all the chores and decide instead to try to build a kratt, a magical creature from Estonian folklore, to do the chores for them. The catch? Such creatures need to be kept busy at all times or they will turn on their creators.

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Two city kids, zero smartphones, one village. When left at Granny’s the siblings find an instruction on how to build a devilish creature. The only missing puzzle is one soul…

If you’re looking for a fun horror movie that blends supernatural scares and laughs in the same vein as Stranger Things and the 1980s films that inspired it, then Kratt is definitely worth checking out.

Kratt is available on major VOD platforms on October 11, 2022.